I read the articles about Disney employees and tattoos

25 Apr

And who do you think pioneered the concept of a theme park where the employees could show their tattoos?

I remember 2007 and 2008 when Disney employees basically looked at our theme park (Hard Rock Park) with their mouths open. Yes, we were rebels of the industry and we dared to push the lines.

But my, how you’ve come around to our thinking.

It all goes back to the most important phrase of all – Love All Serve All. I don’t care what business you own, you’ll have a better one if you learn to take that phrase to heart and make it part of every action and interaction that you have.

It is about accepting the individual for who and what they are. It is about Love and Service to Others.

We were ahead of our time on some many items. But this was one that has taken the world a long time to begin to understand that we were right.

And, just to add the context, I tell you all this as someone who has no tattoos. But the sentiment is not about my personal preference. It’s to celebrate the individual in all of us.

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