I am in the hospital again

16 Apr

I am in the hospital for low blood pressure.

I haven’t been well since I got the coronavirus vaccine. I’m just not sure if the problem started the day before or the next day.

But if you look at my blood pressure meter, there was a definite drop and it stayed dropped. Like over 85 points per day

This morning my blood pressure was 60/40. It’s a little better this evening 85/43. I don’t know how it will be tonight.

The reason I suspect the vaccine has something to do with is because I have a super immunity and the stronger your immune system, then, the bigger the problems can be. Low blood pressure is a severe reaction to the Moderna Coronavirus vaccine. I’m just not sure because I had low blood pressure the night before the vaccine but I think the vaccine made it worse.

They had to take off the heart monitor I was wearing and put the hospital’s heart monitor on.

I’m hoping to go home tomorrow. I just would like for this fatigue to go away. I just feel tired.

I was supposed to spending this time with my mom but she’s not here because she brought the dog so she’s back at my house.

There’s nothing I can do about any of this. This time I am in Bethesda East hospital.

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