08 Apr

I had taken the Porsche prints to my office to put up. I had to get one of the prints re-imaged because one of them wasn’t imaged right to begin with (it wasn’t sharp) and they weren’t imaged on metallic paper. Metallic is more expensive but it makes a much better print. Then I add a lustre coating.  It’s the kind of thing that bugs me. That mistake cost me $31.

I ordered a big one of the plane because when my mother comes to visit maybe she’ll quit buying me things like ballroom dance lessons if she realizes that this is the kind of thing that makes me happy. She always wants to think that I am like her but I’m not. I have my own interests and my own life. Sometimes parents never realize that no matter the age of their children. The picture turned out so nice. I just have to mat and frame it now.

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