He’s stolen my inheritance…

07 Apr

My mother is coming to Florida in a week and she is bringing Master Dylan to meet me. We have a reservation at a hotel because dogs aren’t allowed in my condo by the HOA.

Look dog. Let’s get a few things straight because I can see you are secretly laughing at me in this photo. I see you’ve stolen my inheritance….I was NEVER spoiled. EVER.

And for the record – I was NEVER her favorite. I’m only laughing back at you because someone has finally unseated my brother as the favorite. LOL Ha dog! Congratulations!

Master Dylan. Der Dog. I will have a million pet names for you.

I’m going to get that bone. I am. It looks like the perfect neck pillow.

One more thing Dylan. I am getting the heart monitor for two weeks tomorrow. Don’t chew through the wires. These things are expensive. Understand dog?

Woof, baby

———— Dylan is a Labradoodle named after Bob Dylan

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