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05 Apr

The plane I few this weekend is a Diamond. The United States Air Forces likes to use them as military trainers. It’s a million dollar plane. Of course good deals can be had on the used ones.

This particular one did not have a glass cockpit. Believe it or not, all the planes I’ve ever flown on are manual (which is safer). When I worked on the training software for the Gulfstream 450, 550 and 650 – those planes have glass cockpits but I never flew a jet. But making training software to train pilots gets very boring very quickly because it’s repetitive. I was a contractor for a while for the people who train pilots to fly the Gulfstream. They pair you with an SME (Subject Matter Expert – a pilot) in order to make software.

The Diamond I flew this past weekend was the replacement for the Diamond that I few a couple of years ago. This plane That flight still remains one of my favorites for several reasons. We got special permission from the FAA for me to fly 500 feet above water. Most pilots don’t do it because it’s considered dangerous. If something happens on the plane, you have no time to react. I absolutely love the view. The other thing we did was when I made the turn from ocean to the Intercoastal, we killed the power to the engine and I actually GLIDED down in what you are seeing. You’ve only got one engine folks.That was a very memorable flight.

Diamonds are stick airplanes (not yolks). When I used to fly with G. on the Twin Comanche, that plane is a yolk. But that plane is meant for tall people and I had trouble seeing over the dash. G. was 6′5″ so that plane is made for someone like him. Very heavy plane…Yes, you can use a booster with a plane like that but then how are you going to reach the foot pedals? The Comanche was the plane where I lived through the right engine failure. I spent a whole week in the hangar watching them take apart that plane because our lives depended on finding an answer. The hangar the Comanche is stored in on Hilton Head is the one where I used to park my Porsche in those shots.

Joe’s Cheyenne had some glass instruments but I was just a passenger in that plane. He took me up to do as close to acrobatics as you can get in a plane like that. The Mohawk was what he used for acrobatics. I’ve been in the cockpit of the Mohawk before it went down. The gauges are military and manual. The Saudi Arabian Fighter Jet wasn’t flyable.

The two Diamonds, however, are made for little pilots. You can’t fly the plane if you are over 180 lbs. They make a 4 seater that can be flown by someone who is 180 lbs and over. I really like the little Diamonds. You cannot beat the view with the glass canopy. You’d be hard pressed to find a bigger smile on my face than when I’m sitting in those planes. I absolutely love it.

Even though the sites were built a long time ago, that’s why I created the artwork for and Those are two of my companies. I had fun creating the “Flights of Fancy” interface in the color I became known for. The animations are aviation themed and based off of antique aircraft. Cars, boats, planes – I love them all.

Now two things to remember – Chuck Yeager was right when he said, “There are no born pilots.” And flying is a numbers game. You want to make sure all your landings equal the number of your takeoffs. :)

And one more thing, I guess Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. LOL

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