That was an awful night…

03 Apr

I made notes here last time before I went into the hospital because all I had on me was the phone and by search we could find the notes.

I said I wouldn’t go back to the hospital because they did such a poor job of treating this. I felt like I was tortured for 3 days. My own cardiologist understands so much more.

I wish we would have had the heart monitor on last night. The worst hours were between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. I honestly tried not to fall into a deep sleep. My arms, my legs, my feet keep falling asleep because the blood wasn’t pumping. I would struggle to get myself upright and then I would feel like I am going to pass out. Eventually that “pass out” feeling even happened laying down. The blood is not moving. This went on for hours.

My blood pressure was just dangerously low. I feel like the worst is over but I just took my pressure and it’s 79 over 51. It only goes low like that at night. My veins felt very strange and I heard that snap in my neck. I am wondering what that was.

At any rate, it was a bad night. The bad night is over. Those are my notes.

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