Spendng a little time gathering items for my office…

21 Mar

This morning I got online and ordered some items for my office so that I don’t have to transport things I would really like to have.

I live in paradise. I’ve gotten to work in paradise for the past year. Now the challenge is to make the office feel a little more like home.

I ordered a mat for the desk, a wrist rest and mouse pad, a desk lamp, an organizer, notebooks and pens, a tea for one set, a box of assorted teas that I like – basically, those kinds of things.

I am spending a little time today gathering a few items from my home office to take in until some of things arrive this week. Of course I am a woman from “camp be prepared” so that also means packing some makeup, extra medication, workout bag for the trunk of the car, etc.

Of course you know me – everything will be color coordinated in aqua, white and pastels.

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