What I know so far…

20 Mar

I am waiting on the insurance company to approve the long tests.

But Friday we threw the Hail Mary pass and decided to test the Cartoid Artery (Left and Right sides). It was kind of desperate thought that if there was any kind of blockage, we could unblock it and maybe change the situation. My arteries were perfect. She said to me literally, “You have the PRETTIEST arteries I have ever seen.” She really did use the word pretty. I saw the images as they flashed up on the screen. My arties were very clean.

That means the problems are all in the heart, my brain telling my heart that it doesn’t need to pump blood at night, and my blood pressure that shoots so high during the day. A year ago, it went so high it blew a major vein in my left leg that controls blood pressure. That vein unfortunately will be like that forever. The concern is, “What if that had been in my head?” The blood pressure issue is independent of the heart problem. It’s very difficult to control. It has taken us almost a year to work out a drug combination that affects it in any way.

I have always taken care of myself by eating right and working out. I was going to be shocked if tests showed anything different than that and they show that I have taken care of myself. The heart problem wasn’t caused by not eating right or working out.

We’re trying to get the insurance company to pay for a long-term study so we might have more insights into what my heart is really doing. We know some things at this point because we have done tests and you can clearly see problems but the night time issue is a strange one.

I’m going through my Saturday routine today and then I’m going to relax for a while.

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