I am going back to the office a few days a week…

17 Mar

Before the uproar starts, just hear me out….

I am aware my doctor is not on board with this and my mother is not on board with this…

I went to the office today for the first time in over a year. While Covid was happening we got new offices.

They really want me to come back into the office. I felt bad because they have kept my office empty waiting for me to come back. I wouldn’t consider it if I were sharing a space with someone but I won’t be. It’s a big office with a door and window. It was quite sweet of them to hold it and to give me a nice office. In my career, I have had a couple of offices that were just drop dead gorgeous offices. This one needs a woman’s touch to it. That will come in time. I have missed them all so much and it was great to see them today.

So I am going to go in next Monday.

I am so productive from home and it will tap my energy more to go in it but it’s so nice to be working with everyone again. So I’m doing it, and that’s that for the moment.

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