One of the things I remember about Joe…

10 Mar

It was a period in my life where few people in the world could understand the work I was doing. And I doubt few will ever understand it. I spent 3 years of my life marketing and advertising this brand and being M.’s right hand woman.

I was working for one of the world’s great high-end jewelers who as they say “makes jewelry for royalty.” They were not the Kay Jewelers of the world. Among the items I was marketing was the Guiness Book of Records Largest Paraiba Tourmaline that had been set into a necklace. The stone itself was over 192 CTS.

So as you might expect my work entailed communicating with the Queens of the world, celebrities and world’s wealthiest people. Without saying how much, it is obviously a piece that costs millions and millions of dollars.

When we got into marketing this piece in the Middle East, I had a lot to learn about the Middle East. We had dealings with Saudi Arabia and Qatar in regards to the royal families.

I was very quickly trying to research the politics of the regions and what I needed to know about the Price of Saudi Arabia.

I remember Joe and I having conversations about it.

“Joe, am I reading this airspace map correctly? This is restricted airspace going into Qatar?”

Then that lead to learning why it was restricted. Restricted airspace means that you are not allowed to fly a plane into that area. Then that lead to learning that there might be a point of entry through Saudi Arabia.

The way that our contacts spoke to us as American women was a wake up call. I shouldn’t say American, M. is Canadian and I’m American. I always think of M. as American but she’s Canadian. Needless to say it wasn’t the same tone as say England or Denmark, the Netherlands, or Sweden.

The only person I could admit to that I found this whole process a little scary was Joe.

He used to text or call and say, “Did you sell it yet?”

“No. Moving the world’s largest stone in that category is not easy.” Marketing that piece has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done.

The more I did it, the more I learned to have ice water running through my veins. But it helped to have that one person, outside the office, who really knew what I was doing.

For me that person was Joe.

I used to joke that if I had to go to Saudi Arabia, I could borrow his Saudi Arabian fighter jet that he owned. (It was not flyable.) That plane was in the hangar at Palm Beach International Airport. Also in that hangar was what was left of the first plane Prince Charles ever flew. Joe had some interesting stuff. Aside from being a doctor, he owned an airshow company so he collected stuff like this. He was an acrobatic certified pilot.

Part of what made me think about this was checking the crash reports on the Mohawk and thinking about some of our conversations.

My ex-boss from the store and her boyfriend are coming to a dinner party I am hosting this weekend. We are still friends. We indeed had some very memorable times and that story is not over.

People just could never imagine some of the things we lived through and the memories that we have.

If Joe were still here, he would want the update to be sure.

It’s going to be good to see M.

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