So incredibly touched…

26 Feb

So here’s the story. I have a friend overseas who works in intelligence for a British aerospace company and he works out of Afghanistan. Very smart guy. Studied at Oxford and Harvard and served in the U.S. Special Forces. He texted to chat this evening. I said, “I can’t. I’m working late to fix this co-reg system that I’ve been working on.” I told him about the project.

He and I have never actually met in person yet but we talk on the phone and text. From Afghanistan, he orders me a pizza for dinner and has it delivered to my condo and a coffee table book from Tiffany’s on their windows. He knows I used to do the photography for one of Tiffany’s competitors that was down the street. The book is full of creative photographs on Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn is in the book as well as I dressed up as her this year.

I cannot believe I had dinner sent to me from Afghanistan because I was working on a co-reg system and didn’t have time to talk. He was worried I didn’t take the time to eat. Obviously, he ordered the book before today but they arrived at the same time. Of course I love the book because I love jewelry and I love photographing jewelry and doing the advertising.

Unbelievable. He’s got rockets whizzing over his building and he’s worried that I didn’t eat because I’m working on Co-reg.

I think this is what they mean by “America’s Finest.” I’m impressed.

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