The results are in…

23 Feb

This should be no surprise actually -

Overwhelmingly sex sells. And sexy ads work with the right companies and products.

I won’t say which company it is, but I’ve worked with them in the CS industry for a long time. They jumped all over the images. Which I think is great because their company used to run really sexy advertising and I loved the ads. Then one day somebody said, “This isn’t politically correct.” And they never ran them again. I personally, thought they were brilliant ad campaigns. It’s a shame that stuffy women can ruin it sometimes for those of us who are not stuffy.

I know as a photographer, it’s often really difficult to get a model who can be sexy. High end jewelry was a great example. If I have to be honest, only two of all the models I’ve used could actually do it and of course their images on the web got the highest rating.

What I learned from being the model is what I should have told some of them about poses and looks and so forth. You just don’t quite get the same perspective from being the photographer and designer that you do from being the model and knowing how to position yourself to look better.

This is actually really interesting stuff.

What I learned from audience so far is that they don’t think I’m too old for this and I think I got a vote of confidence from some people that work in the CS industry.

And those were the results.

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