Are we sexier and classier in black and white?

21 Feb

As you may know, through my career in computer science and marketing I have also been a photographer my entire career. I am now 51 with 30 years in the business behind me.

I have shot some truly gorgeous women in past five years. I’ve had a lot of covers in Palm Beach. I’m always asking my models for “sexy.”

Throughout my career from time to time someone will ask, “Are you ever going to get on THIS side of the camera?” A year ago, I had a friend say to me, “You are really going to regret this when you’re older if you don’t do a sexy shoot now for yourself.”

So I thought about it for a while. The thought is intimidating at 51-years-old. After all, there’s been much criticism of older women who people thought “took off too much”, “didn’t display well” or worse yet, “should act their age.”

We I went ahead and did it. A lingerie and bath suit shoot.  The only way to answer those questions was to do it. Now the shots were actually in color. 98.5% of the photos, I cannot show you because the outfits are too racy. However, I would agree to shoot a couple of shots where the outfit has as much coverage as a bathing suit. For this blog, I will choose the more conservative outfits from the shoot. So, the questions are – am I too old to do this? Is my body good enough? Is is sexy? Does it sell the product? I am now walking in the steps of my models. It’s actually a good lesson for me as a photographer.

So here are the photos I can show you…

And here are two actual swimsuits that I wear to my own pool. I’ve actually been criticized from friends over my somewhat conservative tastes in bathing suits. I consider them classic, tasteful, Palm Beach. So, do I have what it takes to pull of sexier in Palm Beach. Should I be buying a different suit? What do you think? I have always been a sexy woman by nature. That’s why I get the shots I get in a shoot. But I don’t always bring out my own sexiness for the public. Are we classier and sexier in black and white?

It takes some nerve to make this post but I think it’s good for me in some ways to do it. The time to test this is now before I get a new web site. I can always delete the photos if everyone’s answer was a resounding “no.” But I know my friend was right, this isn’t something you can do at any age so do it now. This web site is over 15 years old. But it’s always been my “test bed.”


What did the color ones look like? Like this…


Funniest comment yet. They said I could post it.

“Your no Marissa Meyer.”

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