So that game lead to this game and that lead to a much bigger idea…

18 Feb

So the chess experient lead me to build Tetris into an email.

Then I had a lightbulb moment. What. if I wasn’t pushing a game. What if I was pushing ______________ through an email? I left the blank because if I said what I was thinking everybody would be trying to build this. It’s an idea that could be worth a lot but it WILL NOT be easy. But in theory, I think it might be able to be done. I’ve never seen it done ever.

I’ll start on the code tomorrow.  The idea is huge.

Sometimes however, I try things and I can’t always solve them and then sometimes after a period of time, the answer hits me. If you don’t actually fail at something in life then you aren’t really pushing yourself.


I had my meeting about re-engineering things to get to Trusted Form to work with new Co-reg. Our industry requires Trusted Form or Jornaya. Trusted Form has some serious restrictions so we are trying to get creative about how to make an implementation work with this kind of system. When I built a funnel the way in which it actually works, it had the lowest conversion rate. The other funnel tested is a very different design. It was far more successful on conversion but it means re-engineering some things. Their engineers are putting their heads together with us. It’s not easy. That’s why no one’s doing exactly what we’re attempting to do. Because of this battle between Apple and Facebook, Facebook marketing is about to take a nose dive on lead generation. I have no option but to experiment with other methods. In the 3 day test, the system generated leads. This is worth putting some effort into it. I put a lot of work into this. We’re not legally allowed to use a lead without something like Trusted Form. That’s the catch 22. I’ve got to find a way.

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