On the test, I had to make a concession…

17 Feb

Believe me, I wasn’t looking to make ANY concessions when it came to this code. I worked it out where it rendered perfectly and then on the testing Outlook blocked the code I needed to run. Microsoft likes to block dynamic content without a really good reason.

So I thought about what magicians do. If you can’t really do something, then you use MAGIC. The slight of hand, and they never know they’ve left the email program. Change the dynamic to the static and as soon as they touch or graze the image on their cell phones, they are delivered to a mirror of the email with the dynamic with new working formula for computing the aspect ratio from the game to the window, and delivering the content with the Z axis in place and functioning. That way the rest of the email content is present. Put a link to a full screen version.

All Microsoft’s attempts to thwart dynamic content are pointless and useless because now I’ve taken the control out of your realm and into mine.

Send this link to your email and you’ll see it. They will of course see the entire email in the inbox first (unlike you because you’re not on the list). I still have to change out the static crossword at the bottom for a cartoon I put together.

This method will ensure 100% delivery and there’s nothing Microsoft can do about it.

It all goes back to the old rule, whoever controls the server wins. In that case, that would be me.

I tested it. It works. The minute they touch the email the sequence activates.

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