It was a nice weekend…

01 Feb

My house is now cleaned and organized.

I went to lunch with a friend. We had sushi.

I also accidentally discovered how to make something incredibly delicious in the kitchen. Like a lot of other people, I recently bought a stainless steel air fryer. So I decided to find out how it would do with a really dressed up baked potato.

First I sprayed the potatoes with olive oil. Then 400 degrees for 40 minutes. Then I shelled out the inside and made mashed potatoes with it and then baked the skins again to get them crispy. Then I put the mashed potatoes back in. Then the BBQ ribs I had slowed cooked in the slow cooker the day before went on top. Then cheddar cheese. Then bacon crumbles (you can use soy). Put it back into the airfryer to melt the cheese and get crispy then top with a light ranch dressing.

Ridiculously good. I’m not kidding. Way better than if I had made them in the oven.

I watch the show “The Dig” on Netflix. I highly recommend that one. I loved it.

I got a fantastic long walk in today.

It was a pretty good weekend.

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