Fridgezilla arrived today…

13 Nov

That’s the refrigerator with a computer in it.

I never thought I would ever stand in front of a refrigerator this long.

The computer can do things like tell me what recipes are based off the items in the fridge, what I need to shop for, Google, Pandora, Ring Doorbell, an assistant (like Siri) to look up stock quotes and anything we ask. You can put the TV on the screen. The screen is huge. We can put pictures and videos on the board. I left a few hand written notes.

Fridgezilla is here.

Fabulous. I will be redesigning this kitchen but I don’t know yet where Fridgezilla’s home in the kitchen will be in the future.

If only it could cook. You know if it could control the pool and the hot tub, it might be the queen.

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