My life is changing…

10 Nov

I have been independent for a number of years.

Yes, I’ve dated my fair share of guys in order to find a match. Many of the guys were great guys, but just not a match for me.

I think I met my match. Let’s hope so because we have plans for me to move in March 1st. Right now, I am playing the back and forth game between my condo and his house and as you know, I work from home. I am super busy now so if you wonder, “why is she so busy?” Now you know. Juggling moving an office around takes some logistical planning. Which I think we’ve solved. Has to to travel for work for three months, so we set March 1st as our date.

Now I’ll tell you about him and why he’s a match.

He is extraordinarily special. His name is August Wolf. A little about August (and all this is public information) He was an Olympic Athlete and he is graduate of Princeton University. Yes, he’s the one in Wikipedia and yes, he’s 6′6″. Truly a man to look up, literally and figuratively. He has an organization as you might know by now called Olympians Rising. He also does commercial real estate. After he and I started dating, I took on helping him as a side project. I think he’s amazing. I think he’s fabulous. I was involved heavily in Athletics in school and I’ve been an athlete my whole life. As you know, academics were important to me as I graduated 4.0 and on lots of scholarships and went on to be a computer science professor and design professor for 9 years before I went back into business.

He’s also got four, grown very successful kids who all went to great schools and are all working on their own. One is a business consultant, one is Python programmer, one is a Facebook UX designer and one is a professional basketball player. He has obviously set an example very well and done a great job – All great kids.

There’s a lot to admire about August.

I think he likes my work and admires what I’ve accomplished in my career. He’s asked me to redesign his house and provide marketing initiatives and eventually, I need to make a new web site. He has paid me for my work and bought me brand new Mac Powerbook with all the software I need. I can’t tell you how many men wanted to date me for my talent but of course, they didn’t offer to pay when they wanted something. That was always a bad sign. I love that he had no intention of trying to use me. He does have an extraordinary amount of integrity and character.

We’re looking forward to hosting dinner parties. I like to cook and I like to entertain. It’s been so long since I’ve functioned as a normal couple but this is the kind of stuff that makes me really happy.

We had fun over the weekend buying a refrigerator hat has a computer and a screen that gives me recipes based upon what’s in the fridge and cameras so if I am at the store, I can see if I need something like eggs. It also has a 12 inch LCD screen where we can put family photos and pictures of my mother’s new puppy on the fridge.  We’re doing normal things that couples do. What do you expect from a computer science & design expert? When I rework the kitchen I have to figure out where it goes.

From a design perspective, I want to make sure that I don’t take his personality out of the house. One of the neatest things about the house was all the Olympic memorabilia throughout the house. Particularly the old Olympic posters dating back to even the 20s and 40s. When I design things, you know I have to think about them for a while.

Home will be a country club (golf, fitness, tennis), pool in the back yard with hot tub. I downsized several years ago to a condo but August is used to living in much larger space than I am. The master bathroom is the size of one of my bedrooms. So my condo, although redone, would be out of the question. Hence, it’s up to me to adapt. Our biggest challenge this year will be to get through the 3 months of distance caused by the travel.

But as you can read from my post, he’s changing my life in many ways. We’re very happy and this has been a long time coming into my life. I hope you’re happy for me. And now you understand that I’m not ignoring anyone, my priorities have just shifted.

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