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28 Oct

There are two separate things I want to explain because they are both tremendously important.

As you know I do advertising, marketing and computer science. We were running Facebook Ads for a Medicare company with organic posts and it was generating thousands and thousands of comments and interactions. At the time when we started about a year ago, we didn’t have the staff to stay ontop of the comments.

I jumped in recently to learn more about the customers and what they say. The big surprise came in over the Medicare ads and organic posts that were directed at Diabetics. In the comments, an unfortunate theme emerged. There was story, after story, after story written by the relatives of diabetics who previously couldn’t get the help they needed through other companies or just didn’t know where to go to get help or they just got tired of fighting a disease that was out of control because of lack of medical care and they committed suicide or were writing to us because they were thinking about suicide.

I can absolutely tell you right now that Diabetics need more resources and support in the United States. These stories are so personal and painful to read and they were all written because they saw a Medicare ad. I’m going to be posting a lot more information for this audience and giving some thought into what could be done. I had no idea before I started delving into the comments online. It was an eye opening experience. One thing that I want to say to web developers and social media marketers is never underestimate the power to build community and the power to spark a conversation about important topics.

Now let me explain a second cause where I am using my abilities.

There’s a bill on the president’s desk that I hope turns into law within 10 days. The bill would give the authorization to create a congressional commission to investigate and reform the Olympics. Of the 1.6 Billion dollars that is allocated to the Olympics, less than 5% goes to the Athletes. Some of the salaries of the administrators are beyond astronomical. The criminal and moral misconduct of the Larry Nassar scandal and the girl’s who were victims is part of this effort.

Normally, I replace web sites. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve jumped into to fix an old site. But because we are potentially within 10 days of this becoming a law, I am patching an old site to make it work in the meantime because I was asked and hired to do so.

I think these videos in particular had a profound impact on why I would take on the project. I hope you watch them. The text information at the end of the videos is no longer correct. That’s something that I’ll have to edit out and we’ll get everything fixed on that old site.

I was an athlete my whole life. We ask these athletes to represent our country. They deserve far better than what they’ve gotten. You will hear more from me about this cause in the future. I know that this blog is read by many people and if you are in a position to aid in these causes in a major way, please reach out to me and I can make sure you end up where you need to go.

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