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06 Oct

Not everyone is in the photos because I don’t some people well and they might object to the photos.

As you may or may not have realized, I’m the photographer who’s shot a lot of Julie’s recently modeling pictures that you see on the internet. We’ve also been friends for years.

We got together the other night to celebrate her 60th birthday. She was Miss California, Miss USA and first runner up for Miss Universe. Let me see if I can tell a funny picture story here.

Wow, those five dozen roses were goregeous!

The shoes she got as a present were killer.

Someone at the party gave her a replica crown of what Miss USA wears now. Here’s the shot with that crown. We made her haul it out and put it on. This is the real crown.

Of course we said, “Miss USA is turning 60. We want to see the real crown. I need a crown shot.”

And here’s Susie,

Ok, now let’s have some fun.

Now let’s see the shoes in front of the roses…

Can you tell we were fascinated with the shoes?

“Laura, how’s that Martini?”

“Why Jules, it’s a magical martini. Just magical.” It got even more magical after the third one…Needless to say I didn’t drive. I stayed in Palm Beach.

Let’s see the shoes again…

LOL. Fun birthday, girl.

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