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01 Oct

I’ve had that come up in a couple of conversations this week. I’ve spent a lot of time marketing luxury items.

Right now because of what’s going on in this country, it isn’t the time for me to be marketing luxury items.

I was discussing the jewelry business with a friend the other evening at dinner. They could tell I love marketing stuff like that.

And so they asked, “What exactly does a 17 CTS D Flawless Diamond look like? Is it heavy?”

Here’s a video of it on my hand. I’m turning my hand so you can see the sparkle and the stone. It is heavy. CTS does equal weight.

The ring was shot on my hand for print and then I Photoshopped it onto the model for the two-page spread in Rolls Royce. I did the layout and design and placement in the magazine. My work was in all kinds of magazines in Palm Beach. Everything from The Breakers to Rolls Royce to Architectural magazines. Lots of back covers. The hardest thing you will ever photograph in your life will be diamonds. I’ve done everything from high end real estate, to developments, to cosmetic dentistry, to affluent lawyers, to music, entertainment, fashion, medical, sports cars. A long list….

I used to show and model the ring for people when they expressed interest. I would lock the front doors to the store and close the store.

I would do private marketing packets on rare jewels and market them. I did the web site and created the kiosks as well, print advertisements, CRM Inventory System on the jewelry for the stores, SMS with clients, social media, identifying leads, negotiating certain items, photography of course and many more functions. I would take the jewels out of the safe and put them in the windows and cases, lock and unlock the store and set the security. I loved the high end jewelry business and the interesting people. In a lot of cases I did phone conversations, text conversations and letters as the owner because it was just easier and we needed to clone her. So we did in a way. Not always but sometimes. She and I are still friends.

We even shot the Paraiba (it’s the World’s Largest Paraiba Tourlamine – Guinness Book of Records) on me but I ended up telling her we couldn’t use them. She used to tease me – “It’s your favorite color…” And it is. I’m known for that color.

I have more the right look now then I did back then. You look is an evolution. I was also worried about dealing with overseas contacts on the necklace and they shouldn’t see the woman in the photo and then be negotiating with her. But it is my super white skin that sets that color off in the stone. I am slightly albino and people always comment on the unusual skin. I was born with purple eyes. When I was going out with the Rock Star this summer, I think the nicest thing he ever said to me was, “You are prettier in person than your photographs.” I’ve always thought so. I think I am difficult to photograph.

Click on the photo to see the video of the ring.

It’s one of the few things in life that when you market it, you serve champagne to the clients. It’s why I wore a great outfit every day. I have a whole closet full of gowns from work and my current social life in Palm Beach. But I’ve always been in the business of style. Right now is the exception because of what’s going on with the economy. I’m marketing something that’s not a luxury good.

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