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25 Sep

I promised you some links to recent work I created. These are from this week.

This is the newsletter we are mailing out now:

All the Facebook Marketing Ads I created this week seem to be doing really well. The volume of leads is good.

Below are links to the videos I created this week. They go from serious to creative to funny. We’ll be testing some of these.

Five Things to Know About AEP

Looking for Answers About Medicare

Creative General Positioning

Stick to what you do best and leave your Medicare to us

Life is About More Than Medicare

We’re Ready for AEP

Tired of Researching Medicare

Horizontal Dental 1

Horizontal Dental 2

Dental Vertical 1

Dental Vertical 2


Vision – Disability Younger Models

Dental Short

Hearing Benefits

There’s more but that’s enough for you to get a look.

Some of my friends wonder what I do all day. Now you know…

Of course I still churn out tons of web sites.

Like this We haven’t used this one yet but we will.

as well as the regular corporate stuff too

There’s also presale, post sale email drip campaigns that run through the CRM as well as the social channels for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and the Corporate Blog.

What’s a presale email look like? I’ll show you one so understand. You’ll see variable names because this is outside of the CRM. There might be 5-10 different versions of a drip.

Of course my favorite part is to make the header graphics all different as well as the pitch. I have an eye for beautiful things and always looking for a place to use that. For Example:

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