What can I tell you…

24 Sep

They want to know what I can tell you about my new friend.

Of course I never say the real names. He’s from Greece. A Sagittarius who’s fun. He owned a successful company. He happens to have the same initials that I do – L.K. He tells me he’s intimidated by me when he meets me in person.

I told him, “Don’t be. In my heart, I’m still just a girl from Ohio. Midwestern values you know? I just have more fun now. There’s not a lot of people like me running around Palm Beach. Now let’s go joy ride your golf cart at night on the course.”

He wanted to know if I wanted to play golf in the dark. I said, “Are you crazy? My game is bad enough in the daylight.” Although why do I have the feeling, we’re going to play golf in the pitch black night some night?

It’s like, “What’s you budget? How many windows are you willing to pay to replace? LOL.”

I think we’ll have some fun. For sure.

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