How it go?

21 Sep

There’s a lot of swelling back there.

Either this is getting harder or I’m getting older.

These were the two vertebra that are less injured. We did the other two (the bigger problems) last time. But for some reason there’s a lot of swelling.

I found out my insurance company is finally going to be realistic. In the past, they would only allow me to do 2 at time. I have four that have a problem. I heard today that next year, we might not have to choose levels.

That would be great because I pay a lot of money for this insurance, it goes seem crazy that you can’t treat the whole thing at once. And that was because of money I’m sure.

I’m by myself tonight. This is par for the course for me. My friends are smucks, they are never around when I need an icepack and a nurse. LOL. I should fire you all. Next time, I might hire myself some cute young thing to wait on me.

Don’t worry. I am hitting my favorite pain killers tonight – Wine and Jewelry. Sometimes you just have to say, “Uncle.” Those earrings are going to make me feel better! LOL


Yes, I worked a long, full day. I am a very sweet person but I am tough as nails.

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