We’re reopening…

19 Sep

As you may know we are reopening in South Florida.

And that means that I will be going back to a brand new office in Boca after October 1st. This company that I have been working with wants me in the office.

I saw a pic of the gutted rebuild going on at the moment. I am told my office will be a big one with a window.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again as we have not had face time since February.

What I am not looking forward to is the couple of  hours this will add to my day. Commute time before going and back was like 2 hours. I am hoping with a sports car and fewer people on the road, I can shorten that commute.

I think it will take a while to build my stamina back up to those long kinds of days. As you know, it got dinged in April. But it was exhausting even before April. I still manage to churn out way more volumes of work that other people that do what I do, but that couple of hours is now time I take to cook decent meals, exercise, sleep and take care of myself. It also means that my productivity will likely go down. I am far more productive at home but people are social by nature and so are most businesses.

But on the other hand, I am looking forward to leaving my home and wearing the cute outfits, shoes and jewelry that just put me in a good mood. I love style. I always have. I could never work in Silicon Valley because of their wardrobes. Sorry guys…

I know have some people in my life that are going to freak out over the fact that I am going back into an office environment. Of course, I will take every precaution.

I am looking forward to seeing the new office. I just hope they don’t paint it dark colors. Light and bright is important to me. I offered free design consultation if they needed it but no took up the offer for a free but normally very expensive designer.

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