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18 Sep

It was fun because I got to churn out 10 videos that we might use for the upcoming Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

Last year, I got creative during AEP. I churn out web sites, email drip campaigns, lead pages, animations, printed newsletters – you name in the marketing collateral world, I make it. There’s not much in life I don’t design.

After the newsletter gets printed, maybe I’ll put up a link to the PDF so you can see. I know some of the followers of this blog follow to see work links. I’ve got some company sites that I’ve never shown, videos etc.

Something came up that reminded me of the old park projects. If you don’t know the story, I figured out how to raise $750 million of $780 million to build a park in New Orleans. I did the business plan and designed the park, found the land, you name it. I went to New Orleans and started on the project when one day, inarguable evidence came forward on how much they had lied to me about fixing the drainage systems in New Orleans. We got a hard rain and I had 3 feet of water in downtown New Orleans. I had already designed this park to be as mobile as it could be but even at that, it was way too much water. All of my restaurants could actually be driven out of the park. I went to great lengths to think about how to get around the problems out there.

I had a back up plan for Florida but backed out that one too after the land I needed, the owners had made a serious mistake. There’s a major corporate headquarters sitting on it. They agreed to sell me the land. The problem is that in the middle of all the land, they had sold a track where a townhouse development was put in. The minute I would build this park, I would be sued by every home owner. I also was never comfortable with the fact that I feel there is not enough population right there. The major population is 20 minutes away.

After Hard Rock Park, I wasn’t going to pull the trigger on a project that I had reservations about. I never liked the location of Myrtle Beach park because there wasn’t enough population. I risked a bunch money in New Orleans. I made sure investors lost nothing. I took the loss when I shut it down. It’s always important to me to have the reputation in tact.

I decided I wanted to think about it for a few years. When the Pandemic came along, I thought, “It wouldn’t have mattered if I had selected the most golden piece of land in the United States. It would have gone under because of this.”

I seriously doubt I would ever do a park project again. However, I still design everything and anything.

I’ve been able to keep going in the Pandemic by doing marketing, computer science and creative works for a Medicare business. And we are gearing up for Annual Enrollment Period.

When one of my friends and former clients was in town we were talking about all the work I did since I came to Palm Beach for a variety of big names and the luxury business. Sadly, some of those big names went under in this Pandemic.

He said, “You’re still going strong. Except the numbers on your heart and BP are scary. But you’re making progress.” I am making progress but I cannot let fear get the best of me. We do this in flying where you have to hear the alarms but don’t “react” to them. Focus on what you have to do. The only thing to do is address the problems and keep moving forward. That’s how I’ve gotten out of every tough situation in my life. Like New Orleans, I didn’t want to lose that money but at a certain point you have to accept that some people lie and some people are dishonest.

I cut my losses. Hard Rock didn’t do that and the hotel they were building in New Orleans collapsed. My situation could have ended up much worse. I could have moved ahead with the project.

Yes I’m doing ok, because I always move forward. I did not let a pandemic or a major heart problem slow me down. You know it isn’t my style.

But one of the things I don’t do is watch the news. I mentally check out of this situation. I have to. And he told me he quit Facebook because things have gotten so bad. If you have a race to run, you don’t focus on the other runners at the starting line. You focus on what you have to do to get through it. You have to be responsible for your own success in life.

The recession after the closure of Hard Rock Park was a difficult one for me because I was still in my 30’s when it began. I had to go back to being a college professor for 3 years. And then I got promoted to being the Department Head of two campuses.

After I left, I opened up my business while we were still in a recession. That wasn’t easy. But I kept moving it all forward no matter what. And now when you think back over the number of businesses that I ended up representing and building and the body of work, it’s impressive.

I actually turned down another client this year on a deal I will always wonder about. I had the health issue I needed to deal with. But this client is a serial entrepreneur who has started a number of businesses. Once I made the mistake of taking on a client that was in the drug rehab business. The reason this ended up being a mistake was that the owner was a recovering addict who was NOT a nice person. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But for the client I ended up with – he said, “Oh I’ve never touched drugs but I sell all these centers there testing supplies.” I ended up helping him with several of his companies. This year he came back and offered me 50% profit on a business that could supply the COVID-19 testing supplies.

That would have been interesting but I think risky for me personally. I love this client. We’ve worked together for years. I hated to turn him down but again, I listen to my gut. The Pandemic has been a little crazy and unpredictable. All along, I have chosen to bank on business that I thought could survive it. It’s a very conservative approach right now.

And I’ve got former clients and employers, who just decided they aren’t going to operate their businesses right now. They are waiting and holding their money. And they still stay in touch. I’m looking forward to when we come out of this and some of my former clients try to rebound. What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. I do have personal experience with that one.

And for the Medicare business, they just opened an additional office in Charlotte.

So that’s why the work I might show you will be related to that business.

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