I’m going to go out again in a week or so…

15 Sep

You know I live on a lake and there are villas and houses across the lake. One of my neighbors wants to go out. I can see the houses he owns from across the lake.

He’s in Arizona for another week.

He has an interesting story. If you’ve ever bought a car and purchased a warranty on that car, you were one of his customers. He just retired and turned over the business to his kids.

He called me from Arizona and I told him when he comes back, yes we’ll go out. We’ll have some fun. He’s going to St. Louis first, where he owns a lake house.

Since he’s lived here a while I asked him what’s the story with the big house I walk by at night that has that sign that says, “The Ice Cream House.” It turns out it’s own by the people who own Carvel Ice Cream. Now I understand…

It makes sense.

Most of the guys I’ve dated are business owners. That way they can relate to my life.

I joked with him that while he’s in Arizona, “Why don’t you stop by and say hello to my team at Godaddy?” He laughed.

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