So excited that one of my friends and clients is coming to town…

14 Sep

There won’t be a post tomorrow night because we’ll be getting caught up on old times.

We’ve known each other 9 years. We’ve been through everything from parties to business problems to their kids. They were clients and then they were friends.

I was there when he quit medicine because he had had enough of Medicare not paying for years. He was there texting me everyday when I was in New Orleans and decided to shut down the park project and take the biggest business loss I hope I will ever see.

I remember when one of his daughters’ schools had a problem because the teacher was suddenly out and they called me to see if I would come in and spend some time with the kids.

I about died when I got to the classroom and this teacher had tarantula, snakes and lizards all over the place.

His daughter J. was like, “What do you think of them? Aren’t’ they cool.”

I lied through my teeth and said, “Why they’re charming sweetheart!”

I could not wait to get away from those “little friends.” I thought, “I am going to pass out if they tell me she’s taking one of these guys home.”

His wife and I had one of the coolest luncheons ever where we got to meet a designer who’s merchandise we really love. I remember the person introducing the speaker singled us out and said, “And here are two more designers sitting in the audience…”

It’s been everything from The Chamber Ball to T. setting his house on fire accidentally. The tiki torches got a little out of control. That’s a completely different story. Collectively, I have some history with this family. Most of it is pretty funny.

I can’t wait to see him.

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