Now I’m in a hurry…

12 Sep

I’m in a hurry now to get some of painting projects done.

One of my friends and former clients lives in North Carolina. He’s married to one of my girlfriends. I knew him before I knew his wife.

He’s coming to Florida on business next week. So he’s going to come and stay at my home for the night and we can get caught up as old friends and have some dinner and drinks. It’s not unusual for me to end up having clients that end up being friends or knowing their wife and the kids. They are kind of like family after a while.

It will be fun.

But in the meantime, I was taking my good, sweet time to finish some of those painting projects. I’m now trying to speed it up this weekend.

I had a nice productive work week but now it’s time to shift gears for the weekend.

Now here’s a piece of fun trivia. My friend that is coming played college basketball for a college that tried to recruit me for their girls college team. I played 11 years of basketball.

I opted not to play college ball. I ended up doing my undergrad on 12 academic scholarships and awards. In basketball, I was tired of getting beat up. Three broken fingers, a broken collar bone and knee surgery. 11 years was enough.

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