Absolutely sinful dinner…

10 Sep

I went with a friend to dinner. We went to Benny’s on the Beach and had dinner on the pier.

We decided to be “bad” and get messy. Crab legs, corn, potatoes and all you drink Pina Coladas. It will take me a week to work off all that food.

But I will tell you, I was told the chef was amazing. He is spectacular. I can’t remember a meal where everything tasted that perfect. The Pina Coladas were made with fresh pinapple and some ice cream I suspect and they were served in a pineapple. They were like dessert. And we had far too many of them because they were so good.

The person I was having dinner with wanted to hear the stories about the old days and how I turned one thing into another and why it happened. It’s a given that I’m a smart lady but it was probably more charisma than anything that got me through each door. Those are stories for another night.

Dinner was fabulous. The ocean was relaxing. The company was fantastic and now I should starve myself for a week.

The chef is phenomenal.

We talked about how I take my work very, very seriously but I also want to make more time for fun because I am fun and let’s face it – we all need it.

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