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02 Sep

The workday is the usual – right now I am working on building out content and code that is sent through  automated systems. I continue working on marketing campaigns. These are like email drip campaigns based upon whether their was a purchase that hits the CRM system, and SMS. Creative is always my passion in life. I miss the days of making the fun videos. I haven’t done that in over a month now. June and July were just churning out websites for new companies that spin off of this one company and loading up social media ques. Now that’s died down and I’m onto automation.

How I wish I had time to do my own stuff. I never have time for my own web sites and social media. Just the quick blog post, that’s pretty much all the time I can make right now.

Last night I painted more trim after work. I’m trying to do this slowly so that I don’t overload myself between a heavy workday and then painting my home at night. I’ll be so glad when this is done. It would be different if I had all day to paint, which I don’t. That gets assigned to the evenings. It’s the louvered doors that take the most time. But it had been 3 years since my renovation so it was time to do it. The new paint job does look much better because this time it’s not in a rush. Last time, I had to get a full reno job done in 3 months, so evey thing went fast.

And speaking of creative, I find myself counting days to the weekend. If you are wondering if we are still dating, the answer is yes. We are a month into this now. We’re usually able to fit in a dinner mid-week and then time together on the weekends.

He puts a smile on my face. And you know creative people are well…creative. Somehow something just clicks.

I might get in the pool and swim tonight before bed. I like late night swims.

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