So to answer the question of “How’s it going?”

26 Aug

I’ve had several people inquire about how’s it going with the health issue.

The jury is still out and will be out for two weeks. So far, none of the reasons to stop the medicines have appeared. I do feel like it’s taken me down a notch and I’m hoping maybe that will wear off. But then maybe, I think, that’s the point is to lower your natural energy and the fact that you run like a high performance sports car all the time.

There’s a definite shift in gears with all this, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I certainly think it will take 2 weeks to adjust to it. I am making a concerted effort to have periods of time where I do nothing but relax. I was very good about that on Sunday.

I’ve always managed to solve problem after problem in my life and keep moving forward. I think we’re on the road to doing just that.

It would be nice not to be in the middle of Pandemic and just have one issue at a time but I’m not afforded that luxury. It’s so difficult because all my friends just seem to be having a hard time with this thing. I think that my friends that are business owners perhaps are more short tempered because of the additional stress and my other friends were not people who can handle a lot of stress in the first place. So that leaves me, just moving forward and not complaining because I think that’s a waste of energy and not my mindset.

I am all about creating a positive environment and surrounding myself with things that make me happy. There’s so many things in life that I can’t worry about so I don’t.

I know that I have friends right now who want me to weigh in on an issue, but I can’t because if I give an opinion, one side or the other will not be happy with me. I have friends who are very different than me and different from one another.

There are three things in life that I think most people don’t have enough – tolerance, forgiveness and patience. I try very hard to have all 3.

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