Well I now know the source of the problem…

22 Aug

After all the medical tests today, and five months later,  I know the source of the problem.

I have a valve in my heart that is too flexible and it’s leaking and prolapsing and causing blood to back flow through the heart. There’s like 2% of the population that has it and doesn’t have to be treated. In more serious cases, like mine we do have to treat it. It’s what’s causing wild fluctuations in the blood pressure. If you don’t treat it, you can have a heart attack a stroke or enlarged heart (that’s what back flow of the blood causes).

So there’s three medications that we’ll try. One of them is given to heart transplant patients. We’ll find out over the next 10 days if I can tolerate the medicine. If I can’t we’ll have to come up with a new plan. There is also a vein in the left leg that has a problem and can contribute to the blood pressure issue. I can’t see the vein but I can feel it.

People that have this issue are born genetically with a predisposition to it. It’s not something that’s acquired through lifestyle. It causes chest pain and fatigue. When your blood pressure bottoms out, the blood isn’t flowing because the hearts not pumping. When it’s high, you get a big headache and you feel funny. In April, we saw the two extremes in a serious way.

So, at last, some answers are beginning to show. I’m optimistic we’ll find a solution. He cautioned me that it might take a while to find the right combination of medicines, so be patient. That and keep decreasing stress whenever possible.

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