I don’t think I was meant to be normal…

18 Aug

After months and months and months of trial and error on blood pressure medication, we’ve gotten my blood pressure to normal.

And truthfully, normal BP feels awful. I’m not so sure I was meant for this. I hope that it feels more “normal” over the next couple of weeks.

I work 9-6 every day. Outside of work, I’ve been doing what a lot of people in the U.S. are doing – painting their homes.

I’ve been working on painting my condo in the evenings. I’ll be so glad when this is done. Yes, it looks good but this makes for long days.

I would rather be swimming.

What I thought would happen is happening. In Palm Beach county, storage facilities are reporting that they are sold out and building more by the day because so many people want to move to Palm Beach county. It is paradise. I’ve traveled all over the U.S. and nothing compares to it but I am sad to see an influx.

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