Decompression time…

08 Aug

I treated myself to new bed pillows. I can’t wait to get a good night’s sleep on these.

I made a nice Italian dinner in my dining room and a bottle of fine wine. It was so nice.

Then I started watching Martha Stewart’s new show. She’s funny. I have a TV in the dining room for when I sit down to dinner by myself and I just want to look at photos on screen or entertain myself at dinner.

Now I want a nice spa bath.

I was thinking today, you know what miss most in all this? A massage. I am in such a need of a massage because I work on the computer all day and I had forgo all of that during this time. How I miss my massage…

I work way too much and too hard. You know that I’ve gotten no break during all this.

And my businesses did not apply for one cent of help. All I’ve done is work my ass off. I think I’m going to sleep in tomorrow.

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