It’s a stupid roller coaster…

07 Aug

This week has been a little crazy because as you may have read since April we (three sets of doctors) have had a crazy time trying to control my blood pressure and heart. I really think this will ultimately be a matter of getting the medicines right. But I think this is like the 5th time they’ve switched me, because it isn’t working.

It goes from super high to super low. One morning this week, I woke up with 160/100 and I just wanted to throw up.

I called in, and the cardiologist was out of town, so they called another doctor. I was pulled off the last set of medicines because they said those were dangerous. Yes, you guessed it. They told me to combine the dangerous with the new. I’ll be happy when we finally figure this out and hopefully we will. Six months ago, I had none of these issues. I think the way that we are working and living our lives right now is probably not healthy for anyone. I need to find a way to take more down time.

I have more tests on August 13 and 14th. I’m actually surprised there are any left.

I work a hard week every week. I’ve always been a strong player. I can take most any assignment and turn it into something. The doctors have been trying to tell me to take a vacation but it’s like, “And where would I go right now?”

I haven’t had a vacation since I went to Paris over a year ago.

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