Let me clarify “jewelry store”

29 Jul

For people who weren’t familiar with the marketing I did in that 3 year period – jewelry store does not mean the “Kay Jewelers” of the world.

We were dealing in the world’s largest diamonds. We sold 10 CTS all the time. It was a daily thing to show them. We had one over 17 CTS and the store had several Guinness Book of World Record pieces. I have written to all the living queens of the world. And some wrote back.

This was not your average jewelry store and this was not your average kind of marketing. And they are not your average people. We had a very robust social prescience online. It was computer science, design, photography, kiosk, advertising, shows and magazine covers. And then I was, for lack of a better term, “model on demand.”

So you want to see how that 10 CTS would actually look on her hand? No problem.

One responsibility turned into another and it go to the point where I opened the store every morning and disarmed the systems and unlocked the safe and set those millions of dollars in diamonds into the front windows. Clients are people with money and eye for the finer things in life and an eye for beauty.

No, it was not your average store or client. It’s a very high risk business.

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