I’m looking forward to it…

29 Jul

You will never guess who I’m having dinner with this weekend?

M. – who owned the jewelry store in Palm Beach and who I worked for for 3 years. I get to see her and her boyfriend L. We’ve been invited to a barbeque. And J. is going with me to dinner. We’ll have the who alphabet soup by the time we are done! LOL. I’m looking forward to this.

I am frequently good friends with former clients. The people that I have worked with previously do hold special places in my heart. I was glad to receive the invitation to dinner. I am looking forward to updates on the family.

I hope we can sit back and remember the fun and the good times. There’s always the bad with the good in business but it so much more fun to remember the good and laugh about them. There were certainly a lot of stories from that 3 years.

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