The Twin Commanche…

17 Jul

Of course we already discussed the plane. They are notoriously dangerous aircraft. They are rare. They are difficult to fly. But those who fly them, love them passionately. I think we’re going to fly in a a couple of weeks.

We all have our stories about the mechanical mishaps.

The girls wanted to know, “Ok, so what’s he like?”

6′4″. Tall, dark and handsome. Brilliant blue eyes. Very talented. All muscle because of the real estate work. I have found that all Twin Comanche pilots are tall, except for me. G. was 6′6″.

The taller they are, the more they love little things. This one also loved boats. Yes, we have a lot in common. We also have our birthdays in common.

How would I describe a Twin Comanche – heavy, substantial, a real man’s airplane. Respect in an aircraft. Not for the faint of heart. It’s nickname is the Widow Maker. It kills a lot of pilots. Fast. A Twin Comanche with turbo chargers will go 160 MPH. Most small planes only go 90. I could fly faster in Porsche or in the new Lexus sports car than most planes. I do like a scenic flight down through Palm Beach. But sometimes it’s fun just to floor it.

I gave him a tour of my home. When he walked in the bedroom and saw the pilot flight manuals on the dresser, he got the chills.

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