Lots of reasons to be happy today…

13 Jul

I just found out that one of my clients from South Carolina, who now lives in North Carolina is coming to town on business at the end of the month. As you might have guessed, I am good friends with a number of my clients and he and his wife and I used to have the best times on Hilton Head. The year we all went to The Chamber Ball was just a super fun time.

I am so excited to hear that he’s coming to town and we can play catch up over a drink at The Breakers.

Then, and I’m not going to say much – my date this weekend was just beyond, beyond. The guy is truly fantastic. I have such a soft spot anyways for the type of guy who builds things and flys airplanes. Then when you add being a really nice, sweet guy on top of that plus being extraordinarily talented and every other sentence being something that is just like me – well I need not say anything more. The chemistry was incredible. We have so much in common it’s just unbelievable. He’s seven years older than me, which is perfect for me. His work was just incredible. I loved every bit of it. He’s got such an eye for design and such a vision for a piece of property. I’ve very impressed. We had a great time. And as usual, I’m not going to tell you who it is.

One thing that he and talked about was that the reason it didn’t work out with the last guy I went out with is because he came from a family that bickers and fights all the time. My mother and stepfather were not like that. I came from a good family and I’ve learned the hard way not to date guys that don’t come from that background. He ended up picking me apart and being negative and he some kind of confrontational issue the last 3 dates we went on. In the end, he was not a nice guy. So needless to say, that relationship ended.

So I got treated to a really nice history book. My date this weekend – his family founded major businesses in Palm Beach and the photos and the things they saved were just beautiful when you looked at the memory album. That’s the kind of family like mine. I loved looking at those pictures and hearing the stories. The whole thing is such a piece of history for Palm Beach county that I encouraged him to do a book. People would love to see this. And they were friends with all kinds of famous people in history and there were original black and white photographs of everything from presidents to rocket launches and there were inscriptions and notes. It’s Old Palm Beach. I love that stuff. It was fun. And you could see that they were genuinely nice people and people involved in the community.

So I’ve had plenty of things to happy about today.

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