Trading Pilot Stories…

10 Jul

It was fun a trip down memory lane.

We traded stories about all the pilots who’ve been in my life.

From G. with the Twin Comanche, tip tanks and counter rotating engines

To Joe with the Mohawk, Cheyenne and Saudi Arabian Fighter Jet. We even watched the plane crash video to see if another pilot disagrees with what I know about the accident. I don’t expect the full NTSB report before 2021 and I’ve asked the Trump administration to help me dot every i and cross every T by finding the Arab who shot the cell phone video of the plane going down. I don’t really think it’s related but I just want to know who it was and what were you doing?

To Chad with his Diamond who managed to get us FAA permission to fly in the most dangerous place – 500 feet above water in Palm Beach. It’s so worth it! I love it. I’ve flown up high with Comanche’s so to fly with a Diamond up high isn’t that impressive. Strap me to a rocket and and then we’d be talking impressive.

I’m looking forward to flying on his plane. I’ve already been forewarned it doesn’t have counter rotating engines. That makes trouble harder. And it’s a few years older. I still want to go.

He watched some video of me trying to bring a plane down to the water level and fly on the inter coastal. That’s one of my favorite things to do.

I really like discussing airplanes and Realestate with this guy. He’s very knowledgable. I hope to see him again.

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