08 Jul

I’m friends with a lot of people who are very different than me. They have very different opinions than me. They choose to live their life a different way than me.

I’ve always been very tolerant of other people. I can’t say that I have any friends who are really like me.

But recently I had occasion to talk to a friend who actually let me see their true personality. It was hateful, mean, nasty and all kinds of unbecoming things we said about everyone who is in this person’s life.

I am disappointed to actually hear all that and I would never in a million years say those things about other people. This hateful kind of stuff has been building and building and building. I don’t tend to like people who look down on other people and I got the sense this person was looking down and actually hating many of the people in their life.

I also think it’s inconsiderate for someone to unload on me about other people when they are well aware that I have a heart problem and I’m avoiding stress. The reality is my life depends on my being able to get control over this situation. People can be very inconsiderate and not understand that or they simply don’t care.

Thankfully, I’ve been super busy this week and can avoid the situation. I just don’t care for people who aren’t nice. It isn’t in my heart to ever be like that person.

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