I had a fabulous date today…

05 Jul

Sometimes it’s such a small world it’s incredible. I can’t believe the coincidences. And maybe there is a certain kind of man that is attracted to me.

People that have known me will think I might be describing G. but I’m not. This is not G. But G. and I had common interests and that’s why we were together so long.

I met and had a very nice date with someone that owns a Twin Comanche airplane. The FAA says there’s only 80 of them still registered. When they were made they only made like 1500 of these airplanes. He had seen this picture of me. This was me getting ready for a flight on G.’s twin Comanche years ago. If I braid my hair, I still look like this.

He’s a real estate developer and he used to be into boats. As a matter of fact he also owned a Viking. I told him about how I redid a Viking. He asked me if I knew a certain person in Miami (who I won’t name) who redoes boats. I laughed instantly because I do know him and he’s the one who had redone the Viking before we got a hold of it in 2012. I redid that guys work with G.

It also turns out that he redid that guys work. That’s fantastic.

What a small world.

He seems like such a nice guy. I am trying to avoid men who are “players” and this guy just seems really nice, down to earth and is interested in a lot of the things I’ve spent time with. He doesn’t strike me as “player” which is very good. I was very excited to meet him. I saw photos of his real estate work. He’s very talented.

We’re going to have a second date this week. We have a lot in common.

And I’m looking forward to flying on the Comanche. It’s been a while since I’ve been up and I would love to fly with him. We both have crazy busy schedules this week so it won’t be this week but it will be fun.

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