I bought a luxury sports car…

03 Jul

I bought a Lexus RC 200 Turbo Sport (translation – I bought a Lexus sportscar). It’s Pearl White.

I didn’t want to buy anything too outrageous. It drives so smooth, like a bat out of hell. I actually like it better than the Porsche I had. I think this one will be far more reliable and just a smart yet sexy move and I think I will really enjoy the car.

I may redo the seats in white leather because Lexus does not do a white leather option for the seats but I can do it.

There’s a lot of things on the car that I need to learn how to operate. It has a beautiful sunroof as well.

It was definitely time to get a new car.

I can’t wait to take it up A1A in Palm Beach. I’m going to The Breakers tomorrow for a day at the pool, lunch and dinner with a girlfriend. Maybe I can have her take a few pics.

Life can be short. I need and intend to enjoy it.

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