I feel like Jello…

29 Jun

Different day, different view, different cocktail….My girlfriend and I spent the whole weekend at The Breakers. I am so relaxed I feel like Jello. The ocean always makes me feel that way.

We had such a great time. And like the old saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. And sure enough by the end of the weekend, there are not one, two but three gentlemen who would like a date with me. They are all very attractive options.

Meanwhile, while we were in the pool we made fast friends with this lovely couple from Georgia. I think we’ve convinced them to come and buy a place in Palm Beach and enjoy the life with us. They thought we were fun.

I was so happy to see my favorite bartender Kenya. He’s the best. He and his companion bartender made such a fuss when we arrived at the pool. “The stars are here! Aren’t they beautiful! Look it’s the movie stars!” That instantly makes me laugh because SHE was a star, and they know full well who I am and I wasn’t in the movies. I told them, “But you can throw all the flattery you want my way and I will love every minute of it.” We’ve known this bartender for years. We love all of them.

The Breakers, as you know, has been one of my favorite places over the years. And as I told her, “Look around darling. This is why we live in Palm Beach. Isn’t it beautiful?” We had lunch by the pool again today.

It was such a great weekend.

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