What a great day!

28 Jun

I spent the day at The Breakers with friends. The first time I’ve gotten to meet the long term boyfriend. I don’t know what to say. He’s so incredibly kind and generous and I’m very thankful to be included. We had lunch at the pool. Then my best friend and I spent the afternoon in the pool and laying by the ocean, then he treated us to Flagler’s with an invitation to treat us girls for brunch in the morning.

We had such a good time and yet another great memory in our now years worth of memories together. I really like this guy for her. It was so sweet of him to include me and invite me back for brunch.

While we were at the pool, she asked about what happened with the boyfriend of mine (who is now no more). I told them what he said and what he texted. They were so angry and so outraged, they said, “No matter what he tries to pull in the future, you are not to go out with him. We’ve known you for years, what a pack of lies and how tasteless and classless. He’s just a user and an ass. No one says that kind of stuff to people , nor in the manner in which it happened. It isn’t even true about you.” They have vowed to find me someone and they encouraged me not to delay in that process. “Replace him as soon as possible. The guy did not deserve you.” They were incredibly angry.

I am grateful for my friends and the love that they have shown me today. I’d say they are working on putting that lost weight back on me as well.

I am looking forward to brunch at The Breakers tomorrow and another day at the pool. Another great memory for us.

We are blessed and grateful today.

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