I don’t know what to make of it…

27 Jun

It’s such an odd twist of fate.

In one day, the opposite scenarios occurred:

I carry nothing but love in my heart for people that I deal with in business or personal. If someone is too evil to the core, they wouldn’t be a part of my life at some point.

In business I had a very long term relationship with someone. But when their business got to be stressful, anyone who was near that person would get blamed and the verbal lashings were fierce and no one in their life was spared. I tried endlessly to have love and patience with the situation recognizing that there was someone under mental duress that needed help and compassion when others wouldn’t give it. Eventually, I had to walk away from the situation, the same as everyone else had done in all the time before me.

I am never the type of person who would retaliate or lose someone’s trust, not even the person who hurt me the most. Yet, they incorrectly made that assumption and make decisions and changes that cost their business. It had been almost a year without a conversation, but I received a phone call with an apology and again asking for my help in a difficult situation. Which of course I did and of course I did not charge money because at this point they’ve been through enough irregardless of what brought it on. It is not in me to turn away someone who desperately needs my help. I wish I had been able to solve all the problems presented. I could not. Had they left some things in place that I did, I could have solved a few instantly. Trust. It’s all about trust and if people don’t trust me, even when I take on other projects, in the end it dings them and not me and then I can’t help because it’s out of my hands. The key is to not lose that trust in me. I’ve never given anyone a reason not to not trust me. And in the end, they realize it, unfortunately the hard way.

On the same day, on the personal side, someone tries to end a relationship. None of those problems really existed. It’s almost unfathomable how someone could take a few simple words and try to create a mountain out of molehill and I think it’s debateable whether it’s a molehill. Surely, there is something else going on here that I am not privy to. I can really only assume that it is yet again a stressful situation that may be causing their perceptions to be so far off. It’s a thing, a person, an event or something going on inside their head that doesn’t mesh with reality. But the bottom line is there is really nothing I can do after I’ve tried to explain that to them. Someday, I think they will look back on that and regret their assumptions. And they are assumptions, not fact.

It’s an odd twist of fate that they both happen in the same day.

It can be hard, when people don’t even stop to think about all the things I have to deal with in a day. I try to deal with these things as patiently as I can and with as much love as I can find. And that’s the best I can do. It’s just a shame sometimes that people don’t understand my value until I am gone.

I am looking forward to time with some friends this weekend in Palm Beach. Hopefully, we will have a nice time celebrating the positives in life.

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