One step forward and two steps backwards…

19 Jun

I honestly do not feel that great this week as some of you know.

I had one appointment that I need to have out of 3. We know that the issue causing my heart rate to drop very low is not due to the thyroid or Grave’s Disease or anything like that. It’s a problem with my heart. It would seem to not be regulating itself. And guess what? More tests.

And anyone that has had Bradycardia can’t take one of the BP medicine I was put on recently. So we dropped that one. They added a new one I start on tomorrow and for a week that BP will go high because it takes over 5 days for this medicine to work. So all the work we did to get it under control is about to temporarily unravel.

Then at the end of the month I go see the heart specialist. I was correct. The two problems are not related at all and when you look at the recordings you can see it.

I am looking forward to getting some extra sleep on Saturday. This is making me very tired.

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