No clothes…

17 Jun

I literally don’t have clothes that fit now.

It’s been a long, hard couple of months and the scales are now registering at 110 lbs.

The last time I weighed 110 lbs I was 22 years old.

I had kept a bunch of really nice clothes in small sizes for years and then finally gave them all away because I thought, “I will never be this size again.” Ok, so that was a mistake.

So now nothing fits from the closet.

If I get a chance this weekend I’ll snap a recent pic. Easily, the pics you see of me on the Internet are 15-20 lbs more than what I weigh now. I’m actually wondering at what weight is it going to stop? I don’t know. I also wonder if it will ever go back to the way it was before.

Right now, I am wearing Yoga clothes every day.

What did I weigh in the Porsche photos? 125 lbs. So take 15 lbs off of that if you can imagine. Standing in front of that plane? 120-125 lbs. When I worked at Hard Rock in my 30s? 115-122 – somewhere in that range.

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