Journal Entry for Reference 6-16-2020

16 Jun

If we can’t figure this out, I’m not going to make it.

History and notes for troubleshooting:

I was in the hospital April 26-28 for what started as a blood pressure problem.

At 3 a.m. in the morning, the heart dropped dramatically and quit pumping enough blood.

Same pattern occurred today. I am now sure the BP and heart issue are separate issues. BP is regulated by four meds. At 5:44 I got the same feeling as before. I started to feel like I’m going to pass out and my heart dropped to 40 into Bradycardia. I called the after hours doctor. They said this should not be happening. Go to the ER. I’m trying not to do that after what happened last time. Obvious from discussion with doctor that I need a Cardiologist to figure out why this keeps happening and what is really the problem. Those are not your ER doctors.

Got up and moved around. Went for walk to try to get the rate up and the blood back to my hands and feet. After walk, I have huge headache again. BP reading shows 140/80 and the device detects Irregular heartbeat again. I still do not feel well even after the walk. But the EKG shows it’s out of Bradycardia.

There is something not functioning correctly that causes my heart to do this. Obviously, my concern is that this happens in the middle of the night and I don’t come out of it. When it started during the day, I thought it might get to the point of 2 seconds and your out, like last time.

After recording all these readings since April 26, I am absolutely sure that the BP and the heart are issues that are independent of one another when you analyze the numbers that are recorded onto my phone.

This is a point of reference to be brought up onto the phone if we end up in an emergency situation again.

My plan is to see a heart specialist to investigate further and to remain outside of the ER unless I am sure I can’t. This thing is so inconsistent and it’s not predictable when it comes to the heart issue. We have to keep digging to find the answer to why this is happening. You can’t remain conscious and ultimately can’t survive when your heart stops pumping blood. This has to get solved. Tomorrow the request for a new doctor will be submitted for a heart specialist.


What did I do all day? I worked on the computer. The problem came at 5:44.

Daily medications were same dose they have been for past 20 years. BP meds remain the same as started the first week of May. Note, remember original problem happened before BP meds. This problem has occurred before and after the regulation of the BP. Conclusion, problem is not related to medication.


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